Care and Feeding of an End-Grain Cutting Board

With proper care, an end-grain cutting board should well outlive you. Remember, these are cutting-boards and not chopping blocks, so taking fill swings with a meat cleaver is not recommended. If a deep scratch persists after several days, or you just want to bring back the original luster, a coating of food-grade mineral oil (available in grocery stores an pharmacies) should do the trick. Do not waste your money or butcher-block or cutting board oil. These are just mineral oil, with perhaps a little paraffin, and cost several times more than plain mineral oil. Put a liberal coat on the board, let it soak in for a few minutes then wipe off any excess.

Recommended cleaning is with dish soap and water only. Do not scrub with abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. Dry on an edge in a dish rack or on a towel. Storing in an edge is also recommended. If you would like to have it laying flat on the counter as its storage spot, place a kitchen towel between the board and the counter top.

After heavy usage and many deep scratches, your cutting-board can be renewed and refinished. Please contact Hardwood Kitchen Things for further information.