Descending Block End-Grain Cutting Board

  • $124.99

Item # 17-1002

As are all the products made by Hardwood Kitchen Things, this end-grain cutting board is handcrafted from renewable hardwood. No endangered species are ever used. This board has handholds carved into its side edges to assist with carrying and flipping it. Hardwood Kitchen Things' designation of this board's design is "Descending Blocks". The particular woods are:
- Jatoba (a/k/a Brazilian Cherry) - reddish blocks
- Hard/Rock Maple - beige blocks

This particular board is also double-sided, in that one side has a channel to catch juices while the other has a completely flat surface. For maximum life of the board's finish, both sides should be used regularly.

Approximate dimensions: 11 1/2in x 11in x 1 7/8in
Approximate Weight: 7lb 5oz